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I’m Andrea Wittchen, just your average resident of Lower Saucon Township for the past 14 years, although I’ve lived in the Lehigh Valley since 1976. I’m a professional harpist and a consultant in the field of sustainability with my own company, iSpring. I’ve always been interested in politics and government, mostly as an engaged voter. I’m a super voter and have only missed one election, a primary, since I turned 18. In 2017, concerned about the integrity of our elections in PA, I wrote my name in for Inspector of Elections for Precinct 7. Not surprisingly, I won since no one else was running. Since then I’ve been more closely attuned to the happenings in Lower Saucon Township. The more I see, the more concerned and disappointed I am. Saucon Shenanigans is designed to share some of those concerns with a wider audience.