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Saucon Valley Gets Its Own “Faux News” for Election Day

Here are a few things you might like to know before you vote today.

Did you know that there was a previous Facebook page called “Saucon Voice” in an earlier election?  It primarily went after Pris deLeon.  Apparently “Saucon Voice” is a popular name for smear campaigns.  It then disappeared after the election.

Were you surprised when a website named “Saucon Voice” popped up in mid-August, claiming to be “News You Can Trust”?  It first appeared on August 18.    

The first 20 articles were split this way:       9 news, 7 community, 3 sports, 1 opinion

The second 20 articles were split this way:   7 news, 7 community, 3 sports, 3 opinion  

The latest 20 articles were split this way:    6 news, 4 community, 1 sports, 9 opinion  

Seems not to be very focused on news already.  And in fact you could quibble that some of those articles that were titled “news” were actually opinion, like the four articles in September that just regurgitated the fantasy financials that Banonis had spouted at the August 30 LST Council meeting under the misnomer, “Facts vs. Speculation.” 

In the About section of the Saucon Voice website it says this: “Saucon Voice is a collaboration among members of the Saucon Valley Community. It is an all-volunteer collaboration of community residents.”  So far there have only been a total of seven distinct names on the articles.  And then, after September 23, everything except Opinions are written by “Saucon Voice” except for one Opinion by-lined as Saucon Voice that is supposedly actually written by Milou Mackenzie based on the text in the Opinion.  

What?  No names?  No bylines for all those other articles?

There also seems to be some confusion about who these authors are.  The first Opinion piece by Peter Herzer on August 18 says “This Opinion Piece was written and submitted by an individual.”  As opposed to what?  A committee? A group? An AI bot?  The next opinion piece by Mr. Herzer on September 18 was submitted “by a resident of Lower Saucon Township.”  By October 15, Mr. Herzer had been reduced to “a resident of the Community.”  

And then on October 26, they gave the game away.  Below Mr. Herzer’s name and the title of the article it says, “This opinion piece was submitted by a resident of the community.  In this editorial we question the claim…

Guess what.  An opinion piece is not an editorial.  An editorial is written by an editor of the news source of which there are no acknowledged names on the entire site.  And if Mr. Herzer had actually written this, it would have said “I” question the claim, not “we”.  Kind of makes me suspicious that there is no “Mr. Herzer” who is a “resident of the community” but rather a pack of fairly incompetent writers turning out these smear pieces.

What does a news organization usually have?  A publisher.  Missing.  An editor.  Missing.  A masthead.  Missing. Integrity? Totally missing.  What’s behind this mysterious Saucon Voice?

I don’t know.  But I have some dots that I’ll leave you with.  You can connect them however you see fit.  I found them interesting.

This is the filing for a Limited Liability Company on January 18, 2023, to be called Main Street Voice, LLC at 8052 William Penn Highway, Easton PA.

This is a business listing for Spirk Brothers, Inc. at 8052 William Penn Highway, Easton, PA.

This is a screenshot from the www.sauconvoice.com website showing under Terms of Use/ Intellectual Property that “All content on the Website . . . is the property of Saucon Voice and Main Street Voice, LLC…”  This screenshot is from one of the first days that the website was active.

This is a subsequent screenshot from the www.sauconvoice.com website showing under Terms of Use Intellectual Property that “All content on the Website . . . is the property of Saucon Voice …” with the prior reference to Main Street Voice, LLC removed.

Draw your own conclusions.

By the way, this David Spirk would be the same David “I typically like to remain out of politics” Spirk per his letter on November 6 to the members of the Steel Club.

One other thought.  While I would never speak for Mrs. deLeon, it occurs to me that perhaps the reason she voted against Spirk’s plans with its 20+ variance requests at the last township meeting was that she’s been listening to her constituents as she is elected to do and many of them seem to be less than delighted by his development plans.

I wonder how long Saucon Voice will last after the election?

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